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Music Maniac Pro – MP3 Downloader for Android is the perfect choice for the music lovers who always prefer to download music in a single click. Yes! What you are listening is true. As like other Android applications, Music Maniac Pro V2 also built with a search option to find MP3 songs with single click button to stream the song online, download it to your mobile for listening to it offline, and get the ringtone of that particular Music file.

Majorly we can describe Music Maniac as an entirely free music downloads search engine. Yes! You can find any particular song you want, and you can download it directly to your mobiles. In this post, I’m coming up with an excellent useful guide on how to Install Music Maniac Pro app on any Android device.Music Maniac MP3 Downloader for Android

Music Maniac Pro APK Download For Android

When we talk about any Music Downloader app like Music Paradise or Music Maniac, we should firstly know about the application overview. I mean to say, how possibly you can use it 100% efficiently.

Music Maniac Pro App Overview

Before going into the downloading process, we will discuss Music Maniac Pro overview.Music Maniac Pro App Overview

  • Music Maniac Pro V2 app majorly comes with two search options – 1) MP3 Title/Artist Search & 2) Artists Top Songs.
  • MP3 Title/Artist Search: This type of search is useful when you want to download particular/individual MP3 file and a particular artist.
  • Artists Top Songs: As name suggests, you will get results according to most popular and most downloaded songs of any artist.
  • You can see three major buttons on the menu screen. Those are; Downloads, Clear Downloads List, View Download Location.
  • If you click on Downloads option, you can see the download history of your songs. That means, which downloading is going on & what are your past downloads.
  • If you tap on Clear Downloads List option, you can manually erase the downloads history.
  • If you want to know where your downloading MP3 files are being saved, you can view the path location by clicking on View Download Location.

How To Install Music Maniac Pro V2

1) Note: To Install Music Maniac APK, you need to “allow unknown sources,” To do that, visit Settings tab, then, go to Security, after that enable the allow unknown sources option. Allow unknown sources for Music Maniac Pro APKTo Install Music Maniac, we need to download its offline installer APK file. Below, find the download link for Music Maniac Pro APK music maniac apk

Click on the downloaded APK file. Wait until it got installed and open it. Read the below instructions to download any MP3 song to your Android mobiles.

How To Download Free Music Using Music Maniac On Android

  • Open the Music Maniac MP3 Downloader app on Android and select any of the two search options available. (MP3 Title/Artist Search recommended) 

select search option on maniac app

  • Type the Song name or artist name to find songs to download.

type the song name & search for it

  • When you search for a song/artist, you will find search results. See the Results tab for results of your searched song.

Results tab for searched songs

  • Sometimes you cannot find search results on the Results tab. If you get “No more results found!”, Click on External results.
  • The external results tab is the source of songs sometimes.

External results tab is a source of songs

  • Select a song to listen, download, get it as a ringtone.

Selecting a MP3 song to download

  • You can see the song downloading status & downloaded location on the app itself.

MP3 songs download location on Music Maniac


That was the process to download MusicManiac. And also, I discussed the procedure to download any song to Android using Music Maniac Pro App. Leave your experience with any Music Downloader app. Which is your favorite downloader app? Let us know!

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