Free MP3 Music Downloader Apps For Android, iPhone, iPad & PC

Music, they say is the best refugee of a single mind. It is the life when everything else fails; it is the love that doesn’t cause pain. Indeed, with the advent of technology, we have moved away from Walkman’s and CDs and MP3 players to a one-stop device, the mobile.

For the latest and the best music, we need applications that would help us download thousands of tunes and songs; that can have listened live or offline, and that too with just an internet connection. With the mobile data service providers now offering high-speed data connectivity, downloading music is a cake walk.

Music Apps For Downloading MP3 Songs For Android & iOS

Different Operating Systems require different apps, and this article would give you a great insight into the top 5 mobile apps for both the Android and the iOS mobiles. Read on!

With smartphones, things have become easier, and we surround ourselves with music whenever we feel like, without having to carry any additional baggage.

Music Apps For Android

Music Apps For iPhone & iPad

Music Apps For Android Mobile Devices

Google Play Music: One of the leading players in the mobile music industry, this app offers you storage of around 50000 songs to upload and also listening offline, with a subscription fee. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can often download and listen to quite an enormous number of free music tracks offered by the Play Music store. It has a vast collection of more than 35 million songs to choose from, so you never fall short of the greatest songs that are simply the best!

Rhapsody: this is one of the first apps available in the mobile industry. The best part of this app is, besides allowing you to download millions of tunes and songs; it is advertisement free and provides high-quality audio listening. It also has added features like building your playlists, listening to songs offline, listening to the radio based on a particular artist or a song, etc. This app also comes with features like the sleep timer, audio EQ, and availing artist videos also.

Sound Cloud: One of the hottest apps on the android market, this allows you to download millions of tunes on your mobile, which is, of course, nothing new. What is new is, this app allows you to search for more contemporary music for the younger generations like hip hop, jazz, rock, etc. Trendy songs for the stylish user in you! Sound cloud allows the user to search for a particular genre directly or search for an artist or a song directly. You can play, pause, or skip soundtracks from the locked phone screen as well. What’s more, users can directly upload their music by recording them on Sound Cloud and then uploading it. Other users can also listen to music uploaded by different users. You can also make Geotag recordings which provide you with local information about the songs.

MP3 Music Downloader: This is a free downloader app that allows you to download any number of free MP3 songs without any restrictions. Some amazing features come bundled with this app, such as touch functions like skipping tracks, quick rewind/forward, repeat/shuffle/playlist repeat functions, song preview before downloading, album art and background music playback. Additional features are the lyric viewer, editing information regarding album or artist and drive friendly touch control mode for those who use a car. This app also houses sound equalizer, sleep timer, posting your favorite song on Facebook or Twitter and a host of other features as well.

Simple MP3 Downloader: This is yet another free MP3 music downloader app and as the name suggests, is simply and easy to use. It helps the user download and saves music in MP3 format, and the user interface is also very easy to operate. The download is unlimited and free. You can search for your favorite artist, genre or music and can download them by a single tap, while the downloaded songs are stored under the Downloads tab in the app.

Other Paid Music Apps for Android

  • Deezer
  • iHeartRadio
  • Jango Radio
  • Pandora
  • Slacker Radio

Music Apps For iPhone & iPad

Freegal Music: This app helps you to download and store more than 7 million MP3 songs via the local library. Once you download and install it from the iTunes store, you can search for the song from the library. The user interface is very friendly, but some users have experienced crashing of the application.

Spotify: This is a hugely popular app and helps in hassle free download of a huge number of songs on a standard platform. It’s a joyride finding songs and artists, and you can create your playlists as well. Spotify has a massive database of songs to choose. However, this app requires a small subscription and the display of ads can be a bit annoying.

iDownloader: This app has a huge number of features, allowing video downloads, players, a web browser and photo viewer apart from MP3 downloads. It has a host of management and sharing features as well which makes it a great addition to your iPhone applications. It is much more than just a music downloader. However, the download speeds are a bit slow and crash randomly.

Tidal: Similar to Spotify, it helps you to store your music offline so that you can access it even without any internet connection later. You need to buy a subscription for this app. It provides high-quality audio tracks, videos of high quality, music sharing and a host of other comprehensive functional features.

Deezer: This is a great app that helps you listen to offline music on your iPhone at a small subscription from its music library. However, if you stop paying, all the offline stored music will also become unavailable.

Google Play Music for iOS: What’s more, IOS users would be elated to know that Google Play Music is also available for iPhones & iPads, so this app works on both the operating systems.

So go ahead and download the music downloader of your choice. There is something for every user and operating system, so choose what you need and what suits you best and tap away to some great groovy music! Happy downloading all the way!

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